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10 Funny Photo-Tweaks Of Your Favorite Celebrities

Capturing funny or weird moments in the lives of our favorite celebrities or any public figure at all is now commonplace and it is commonplace enough in conception that you find fans tweaking and interpreting those moments of their beloved or not-so-beloved into funny, witty or weird piece(s). This is why we thought it well to share with you, these funny favorite photos that are likely to make your day in a whole affording admirable instances, of such contemporary thoughts in Photoshop battles that has gotten the internet laughing out loud.

1. Original…

You know this is going to be good, for sure.                     beyonce-favorite-celebrities-social news-buzzed-on-buzzedon  via reddit / counttess


beyonce-favorite-celebrities-social news-buzzed-on-buzzedon 2via imgur

2. Original…

This is from one of his hottest videos “Hotline Bling”drake-favorite-celebrities-social news-buzzed-on-buzzedon 1

via reddit / BloodRaven87


No time for food yet, Ryan!

3. Original…

He’s feeling all sexy in his Calvin Klein briefs.

bieber-favorite-celebrities-social news-buzzed-on-buzzedon 1via reddit / Notvfunny


Until Hestia, the virgin goddess of the hearth decided to visit him.

bieber-favorite-celebrities-social news-buzzed-on-buzzedon 2via imgur

4. Original…

Sometimes it just seems like Kanye’s got no sense of fashion.

kanye-favorite-celebrities-social news-buzzed-on-buzzedon 1via reddit / minusidea


Until I realized that was his costume from this part of the trilogy…

kanye-favorite-celebrities-social news-buzzed-on-buzzedon 2via reddit / mb33zy

5. Original…

Ed must be one lucky son of a…..!

taylor swift -ed-favorite-celebrities-social news-buzzed-on-buzzedon 1via reddit / yout–had1job2do


Hmm, wait a minute. Maybe not as lucky as we…… Um, wtf is going on here?

taylor swift -ed-favorite-celebrities-social news-buzzed-on-buzzedon 2via reddit / itsmemarke

6. Original…

What are you staring at?

taylor swift -friend-favorite-celebrities-social news-buzzed-on-buzzedon 1via reddit / _thats_not_me_


Well, now you know what’s in there.

taylor swift -friend-favorite-celebrities-social news-buzzed-on-buzzedonvia reddit / ssebonac

7. Original…

Pass me the beer, buddy!

brad pitt-funny-favorite-celebrities-social news-buzzed-on-buzzedon 1via reddit / MMantis


I didn’t know Brad is a chef. Lucky Jolie!

brad pitt-funny-favorite-celebrities-social news-buzzed-on-buzzedon 2via reddit / Florixia

8. Original…

Wow! She couldn’t have angled timed it any better…

rihanna-funny-favorite-celebrities-social news-buzzed-on-buzzedon 1via reddit / hisgrossness


That’s plain awful. Sorry RiRi.

rihanna-funny-favorite-celebrities-social news-buzzed-on-buzzedon 2via reddit / blue_awning

9. Original…

Trump in his true and infinite image.

donald trump-funny-favorite-celebrities-social news-buzzed-on-buzzedon 1via reddit / iamsumo


Straight outta’ Trumpton…

After...via reddit / Romanopapa

10. Original…

I hope someone’s got a good idea of what to do with this innocent image of Miley Cyrus.

1. Before...via reddit / zackbanack


I didn’t know Miley-The-Cyrus tagged team with Dwayne Johnson in the WWE…

After!via reddit / pictureofacat


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