41 Simple Hairstyles That Will Make You Look Amazing At A Summer Wedding.

Hairstyles, huh? Choosing the appropriate dress for a summer wedding is a struggle on its own and what’s even more of a struggle is, choosing what hairstyle to wear for the occasion.

As we enter prime wedding season, we’ve taken some of the guesswork out of the preparation by rounding up some of the best red carpet hairstyles to wear at the ceremony – whether you’re the guest or, the blushing bride herself. Here’s a list of some amazing celeb-hairstyles you can quickly choose from.

1. Sectioned Curls

Sectioned Curls-summer-hairstyles-weddingGetty Images

2. Side Ponytail

Side Ponytail-summer-hairstyles-weddingGetty Images

3. Glamorous Waves

glamorous waves-summer-hairstyles-weddingGetty Images

4. The Pinned Back Knot

Pinned Back Knot-summer-hairstyles-weddingGetty Images

5. The Bardot Hive

Bardot Hive-summer-hairstyles-weddingGetty Images

6. Pulled Back and Sealed with a Pin

Pulled Back and Sealed with a Pin-summer-hairstyles-weddinggetty images

7. The Crown Braid

Crown Braid-summer-hairstyles-weddinggetty images

8. The Tucked-Under Bun

Tucked-Under Bun-summer-hairstyles-weddinggetty images

9. Pinned Back Waves

pinned-back-waves-summer-hairstyles-weddinggetty images

10. A Colorful Headband

Colorful Headband-summer-hairstyles-weddingGETTY IMAGES

11. Bobby Pin Magic

Bobby Pin Magic-summer-hairstyles-weddingGETTY IMAGES

12. The Snake Braid

Snake Braid-summer-hairstyles-weddingGETTY IMAGES

13. The Piece-y Part

Piece-y Part-summer-hairstyles-weddingGETTY IMAGES

14. The Curled-Out Lob

Curled-Out Lob-summer-hairstyles-weddingGETTY IMAGES

15. The Flower Pin

Flower Pin-summer-hairstyles-weddingGETTY IMAGES

16. The Fancy Ponytail

Fancy Ponytail-summer-hairstyles-weddingGETTY IMAGES

17. Flapper Waves

Flapper Waves-summer-hairstyles-weddingGETTY IMAGES

18. The Voluminous Ponytail

The Voluminous Ponytail-summer-hairstyles-weddingGETTY IMAGES

19. The Fancy Barrette

Fancy Barrette-summer-hairstyles-weddingGETTY IMAGES

20. The Waterfall Braid

Waterfall Braid-summer-hairstyles-weddingGETTY IMAGES

21. The Half Updo

The Half Updo-summer-hairstyles-weddingGETTY IMAGES

22. Low Chignon

Low Chignon-summer-hairstyles-weddingGETTY IMAGES

23. Screen Siren Waves

Screen Siren Waves-summer-hairstyles-weddingGETTY IMAGES

24. Sleek and Pinned Back

Sleek and Pinned Back-summer-hairstyles-weddingGETTY IMAGES

25. Floral Accents

Floral Accents-summer-hairstyles-weddingGETTY IMAGES

26. The Side Braid

Side Braid-summer-hairstyles-weddingGETTY IMAGES

27. The Sectioned Braid

summer-hairstyles-wedding-Sectioned BraidGETTY IMAGES

28. A Floral Headband

Floral Headband-summer-hairstyles-weddingGETTY IMAGES

29. The Pancaked Braid

The-Pancaked-Braid-summer-hairstyles-weddingGETTY IMAGES

30. The Elegant Scrunchie

summer-hairstyles-wedding-The Elegant ScrunchieGETTY IMAGES

31. The Double Twisted Part

summer-hairstyles-wedding-Double Twisted PartGETTY IMAGES

32. Milkmaid Braids

Milkmaid Braids-summer-hairstyles-weddingGETTY IMAGES

33. The Side Wave

summer-hairstyles-wedding-The Side WaveGETTY IMAGES

34. The Loose Side Braid

The Loose Side Braid-summer-hairstyles-weddingGETTY IMAGES

35.The Bouffant

the bouffant-summer-hairstyles-weddingGETTY IMAGES

36. Statement Barrettes

statement barrettes-summer-hairstyles-weddingGETTY IMAGES

37. The Half Updo

summer-hairstyles-wedding-the half updoGETTY IMAGES

38. The Extended Top Knot

extended top knot-summer-hairstyles-weddingGETTY IMAGES

39. The Top Knot

the top knot-summer-hairstyles-weddingGETTY IMAGES

40. The Chignon

the chignon-summer-hairstyles-weddingGETTY IMAGES

41. Free Waves

Free waves-summer-hairstyles-weddinggetty images


And…a few more


Scarf Headbands

Scarf Headband-summer-hairstyles-weddingGetty Images

Sparkling Headbands

Sparkling Headband-summer-hairstyles-weddinggetty images

Scarf Headbands

Scarf Headband-summer-hairstyles-weddinggetty images


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