‘Dead’ Betta Rescued From Pet Store Makes The Most Stunning Recovery.

An Imgur user with the username “AutomatedLady” was at a pet store where she noticed – a lifeless-looking Betta fish floating in a dirty cup. It’s dead, she thought, but couldn’t take her eyes off it. She decided to pick up the cup for a confirmation, that’s when she realized it was still alive. Although sick-looking and on the verge of dying. An associate at the pet store who noticed how she was staring at the sad little fish said someone had just returned it – neglected and injured and probably won’t last the day.

The associate, concerned for the betta’s recovery, gladly offered her the fish, provided she gave him a good home. His fins were clamped tight and rotting from ammonia poisoning. He was underweight.

The ‘AutomatedLady’ agreed to adopt this poor little cutie whom she named, Matt Smith and after two weeks of ample care, his fins began healing and his colors starting to come out in all its brilliance.

As cute as the story sounds, this serves as a reminder of the unsettling situation that pets find themselves and have to endure; both at pet stores and for the most part, in the hands of their owners especially at a time when they are desperate for care. Adopt, don’t shop!

Matt Smith looking sad and sick

betta fish Via Imgur

A few days in a warm and clean water already shows he’s going to make it.

betta fish Via Imgur

Matt is placed in a small heated hospital tank where he continues to recover…

betta fish Via Imgur

…and now in a 10 gallon tank. A perfect house for a recovering fish.

betta fish Via Imgur

Two weeks later and going strong, his fins are healing and he’s putting on weight. You can see the colors are starting to manifest!

betta fish Via Imgur

Little Matt keeps looking healthier by the day.

betta fish Via Imgur

Finally, I’m hopeful this little betta is going to pull through because of his new owner.

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