18 Great Life Hacks That Will Ultimately Save Your Life

Life-saving hacks – There are times we find ourselves in unpleasant situations. Either from wild animals or other type situations and the need to survive becomes our only goal.

Sometimes we get lucky and other times, maybe not so lucky – like when cornered by a bear, wild dog or mountain lion, falling through an ice or trying to escape from a sinking car etc.- and when you don’t know what to do, things can become ugly very quickly. Fortunately, the internet is full of handy life-saving tips that can help you!

This awe-inspiring list of life hacks will teach you what to do to activate your survival-mode instincts when situations as these arise and many more!

We implore you to share with your friends and family – While we don’t hope for you to find yourself in any of the situations, we hope your friends and family can benefit from it – So, share on and create the awareness. You never know, you might save someone’s life today…or maybe someday!

This list has been broken down into 2 parts: Life-saving hacks and just some normal hacks that make life easy for sure. Hope you enjoy learning some tricks.

7 life-saving hacks to activate your survival mode instincts:

1. How to Escape a Sinking Car

how-tos-hacksIllustration by Ted Slampyak  More info here.

2. How to Survive a Dog Attack

how-tos-hacksIllustration by Ted Slampyak. See details here.

3. How to Survive a Mountain Lion Encounter

how-to-hacksIllustrated by Ted Slampyak

4. What to Do If You Fall Through the Ice

how-tos-life hacks Illustration by Ted Slampyak      Read more here.

5. How to Remove a Tick

how-tos-hacksIllustration by Ted Slampyak   More info here.

6. How to Treat a Jellyfish Sting

how-tos-hacksIllustration by Ted Slampyak

7. How to Jump from a Building Into a Dumpster

how-tos-hacksIllustration by Ted Slampyak

…and 8 hacks that will make your life easy:

8. How to Light a Charcoal Grill

how-tos-hackIllustrated by Ted Slampyak

9. How to Fillet a Fish

how-tos-hacksIllustration by Ted Slampyak

10. How to Skip a Stone

how-tos-hacksIllustration by Ted Slampyak

11. How to Tie a Load to the Top of Your Car

how-tos-hackIllustrated by Ted Slampyak

12. Pooping in the Woods? How to Dig a Cathole

how-tos-hacksIllustration by Ted Slampyak

13. How to Unclog a Drain

how-tos-life-hacksIllustration by Ted Slampyak

14. How to Break Down a Door

how-tos-life hacksIllustration by Ted Slampyak

15. How to Hang Your Dress Pants (So They Don’t Fall Off the Hanger)

how-tos-life hacksIllustration by Ted Slampyak More info here.

16. How to work safe on a ladder

how-tos-life hacksIllustration by Ted Slampyak

17. How to Smoke a Cigar

how-tos-life hacksIllustration by Ted Slampyak

18. How to Grid Up Your Loins

how-tos-life hacksIllustration by Ted Slampyak

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