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Top 10 Alien Attack Movies You Should See

This is a list of the best alien attack movies. Sometimes they come with lasers and ships and other times, they are much quieter, but no less scary.

They are the biggest Hollywood stars that might not exist, but they keep attacking us, over and over.

These things never come in peace. From deadly minuscular parasites to huge mechanical tripods, aliens have been trying to dominate and rule earth on the big screen for years. The idea of a threat from another world has always touched a nerve in audiences, giving them the thrill of being scared and the satisfaction of seeing humanity rise up and (usually) triumph. The alien invasion film has also provided filmmakers with the opportunity to entertain and horrify moviegoers as well as reflect on the world around them.

Alien (1979)

It’s just called Alien, because it’s the ultimate scary alien film. The franchise, which continues today, is among the scariest and most exciting in history and no alien was ever designed to be a more perfect killing machine.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

They arrived on a rock from space and they became us. Donald Sutherland protects us from this menace from outer space that steals our bodies and our lives. Great performances and a gritty realism make this a classic.

Independence Day (1996)

A big budget blockbuster, this is a movie that is filled with action and huge UFOs. Will Smith leads an all-star cast to save the world on what day other than the 4th of July. Hollywood loves to destroy monuments and no movie does it better than ID4.

They Live (1988)

This movie goes the opposite direction – low budget and without a lot of special effects. Former wrestler, Roddy Piper stars as the strong, yet innocent, lead who is struggling to understand what’s happening in the world.

The Blob (1958)

Starring the legendary Steve McQueen, this classic is scary and silly at the same time. Nothing would be scarier than killer strawberry jam from outer space.

The Thing (1982)

Kurt Russell, a team of men, and a really talented dog are all trapped in Antarctica when an alien, once frozen in the ice, begins to replace the men. It’s an intense ride as this isolated group tries to figure out how to stop this menace from space.

Predator (1987)

Arnie versus an ultimate killing machine. More than just an alien film, this is Arnold Schwarzenegger at his action star best. It also taught the whole world that mud will protect you from infra-red vision.

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (1977)

No lasers and explosions, this is the story a group of people drawn to a UFO landing. Some of them end up on the spacecraft. The whole world is watching and they all know quickly that we are not alone.

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)


Stanley Kubrick’s’ film is still a classic of cinema and science fiction. The monolith that appears on the earth and changes everything is one the most iconic images in film.

The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)

One of the great nuclear cautionary tales of the 1950’s, it’s still one of the most referred to and most memorable films in history. Michael Rennie as Klatu will always be one of the coolest and most fascinating aliens in film.

There are dozens more alien attack movies that could have made it onto this list, but these are the ones that we thought are thrilling enough to watch now.

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