This Woman Randomly Sings The National Anthem At The Lincoln Memorial And Absolutely Nailed It!

Just imagine it – you’re touring the Lincoln Memorial – basking in all the glory of a monumental Honest Abe statue sitting in his stone throne. And while you’re standing there, maybe feeling patriotic, maybe wondering just how the f*ck we went from a President like Lincoln to us possibly electing a total piece of sh*t like Donald Trump, you begin to hear a powerfully beautiful voice ring out over the air, singing the National Anthem.

The voice doesn’t belong to a professional singer hired to be there. But to Assistant Principal, Star Swain, who just wanted to honor honest Abe with a rendition of the National Anthem.

woman sings national anthem -buzzedon

Her husband, confident in her talents, can be heard encouraging her in the video. “I’m nervous,” Swain says. She must’ve used her nerves to absolutely kill this performance, because it’s jaw-dropping. Hear for yourself.

The crowd absolutely loved the performance, and they applauded once Swain hit the show-stopping final note.

woman sings national anthem -buzzedon

Swain’s talent was known amongst her inner circle for a long time. When she was a student at Florida A&M, the Assistant Director of the Marching Band 100, which she was apart of, says Swain was special from the get-go.

“Oh yes, most certainly. All I have to say is YouTube any of the clips with the Florida A&M band and Star Genleah, and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.”

Pastor of Family Worship & Praise Church, where Swain is a member,


“From the first time you hear Star sing, you know that she’s gifted, talented, and anointed. You will feel and know that you’ve been healed. You can tell that you have a sense of peace. People that come in depressed, people that come in sad, they leave free from whatever issues they were dealing with before, once they’ve heard her sing.”

Swain said in an interview with WCTV that she sings to inspire others and is extremely thankful for her gift.

“I love most the fact that I’m able to touch other people; the fact that I’m able to encourage and uplift and inspire through the gift that God has given me.”


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