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You Had One Job And Yet….

Doesn’t it surprise you to see people tasked with doing one job thing, and one job thing only but failed to deliver? Here’s a list of such people who have failed us.

1. C’mon Guys…..Use Your Brains If You Have One.

2. A Tiling Design Error? Not Really.

3. That Must Be Ricola.

4. Really Kanye, Really?

5. A Good Way To Lose A Customer.

6. Yes, Left Lane Must Left Lane.

7. Must Have Had A “Ruff” Night. Can’t Blame Her.

8. There You Go Again.

9. Thank Goodness I Didn’t Ruin My Vans Sneakers, Silly Thing.

10. This Map Of Asia Is Actually Africa.

11. Is That Supposed To Be Valedictorian?

12. One Job Only, One Job!!!

13. We assumed it means Honeytown but it is actually Horneytown, NC. Whichever way, we’d like to visit.

14. This Is One Job Well Done.

15. Hodor had one job and, it was to “Hold the door” and he did it so well. Kudos #Hodor.


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