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18 Ridiculous Conspiracy Theories That Has A Chance Of Being True!

I guess we will never know the truth surrounding these stories.

Conspiracy Theories – From faked moon landings to reptiles ruling over us, we present the most ridiculous and probably outrageous theories out there. They range from the absurd to the intriguing, but these conspiracy theories have proved remarkably resilient, some of them for decades. Regardless of their improbability, they provide an unsettling glimpse of human curiosity and gullibility and, paradoxically, our reluctance to trust authority.

1. That Scientology is just a way for famous people to launder money without paying taxes.

scientology - BuzzedOnVia Gawker

2. That Coca-Cola created New Coke in order to mask the change of the Classic Coke formula from cane sugar to high fructose corn syrup.

Coke and High-Fructose Corn Syrup - Coca Cola -BuzzedOn Via Consumerreports

If they just made the switch outright, people would have revolted, like they ended up doing for New Coke anyway. However, the launch of New Coke allowed the company to:

A) take Classic Coke off the market long enough so people would not have a side-by-side comparison of cane sugar to High-Fructose Corn Syrup

B) potentially have a second version of Coke to also sell alongside the inevitable return of Coke Classic. They had to know that there would be a demand for Classic once it was taken away, but they probably also hoped New Coke would steal some Pepsi business.

3. That kid from Texas intentionally created a bomb scare so when the school reacted his family could claim racism then sue the school for cash and or, benefit the father’s political career.

Texas kid - clock boy - bomb -conspiracy theories - buzzedonVia Trollfiles
Texas kid - clock boy - bomb -conspiracy theories - buzzedonVia Imgur

4. That some US intelligence agency knows where Malaysia flight 370 went down, but can’t say because it would give away their intelligence capabilities.

malaysian flight 370 - buzzedonPhoto Credit: By Laurent ERRERA

5. That Michael Jordan didn’t actually retire during his first retirement and was actually serving a secret suspension for gambling on his own games. The NBA didn’t want to destroy their biggest icon with a public censure, but they had to punish him.

michael jordan - buzzedonVia HoopsHype

6. There is a secret and thorough ring of pedophilia running through the UK royalty and upper class.

british pedophile ring - buzzedon - conspiracy theoriesVia SpiderCat

7. We can breathe in space, they just don’t want us to escape.

Space - conspiracy theoriesBuzzedOnVia MemeWall

8. Though 7/11 may be a part time job, 9/11 certainly was an inside job.

7-11-9-11 Conspiracy theories-buzzedonVia KenDoc911

9. Donald Trump is running against Hillary as a favor to his friends Bill and Hillary.

Donald Trump - Hillary Clinton - BuzzedOnVia The People

They have been friends going back as long as when Bill was in power. Donald Trump has always been a Democrat and doesn’t hold many/any of the traditional republican values. Now, he runs for President as a Republican to see if he can clear out those who would do well in a general election against Hillary and succeeds in becoming the party candidate.

10. The Darth Jar Jar Binks theory. Is he truly a trained and skilled warrior?

Jar Jar Darth-BuzzedOn - conspiracy theories

Jar Jar Darth - BuzzedOnVia GfyCat   More details on the theory here

11. That Vladimir Putin ordered the bombing of apartment buildings of his own people in order to justify war in Chechnya.

conspiracy theories - russian apartment bombings - BuzzedonVia NAM. More details here

12. That the Roswell UFO crash was actually orchestrated by the US Government to attract attention away from what they were really doing at Area 51.

ufo-roswell-crash-buzzedon conspiracy theoriesVia The Week

13. Snapchat filters are actually facial recognition software that is being provided to the government.

Snapchat recognition - conspiracy theories - buzzedon

14. AncestoryDNA is collecting DNA information on people under the guise of revealing to you your hereditary traits, but this information is really to collect information for the FBI to solve crimes.

AncestryDNA-conspiracy theories-buzzedonVia AncestryDNA. More details here

15. Prince Harry’s father isn’t Prince Charles.

Prince Harry's Real Father -BuzzedOn Via StarPulse

His father is, in fact, a man called James Hewitt who had a 5-year long affair with Harry’s mother, Diana, The Princess of Wales. See the resemblance?

16. Jack the Ripper was actually multiple people and the media went crazy over it.

jack the ripper -buzzedonVia The Dungeons

The character of Jack the Ripper was invented by journalists to sell newspapers, and his East End murder spree was actually the work of several unrelated killers, according to a new book.

17. JFK’s assassination was an inside job by the government to prevent him from ratting them out.

JFK Conspiracy theories-buzzedonVia Wikipedia

In November 1963, John F Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. Lee Harvey Oswald, a former US Marine who defected to the Soviet Union before returning to America, was accused of the crime but was shot dead before he could stand trial. But was he just a scapegoat? Did the real killers get away with murder? No official investigation has turned up evidence of a conspiracy, but theories implicating everyone from the KGB to Jackie Kennedy continue to circulate. Read more about the JFK conspiracy theory here.

And lastly, That Reddit has a bot that asks this question every week.

conspiracy theories-reddit-nsa-buzzedon

Or perhaps the NSA posts this question on Reddit every week to keep tabs on which secrets need to be covered up more. Which ever one it is, I guess we will never know.

Why do so many people believe in Conspiracy Theories?

Even the most rational people buy into conspiracy theories as a way of reacting to uncertainty and powerlessness in the modern world, says the New York Times. “Believers are more likely to be cynical about the world in general and politics in particular,” the paper says citing a 2010 study.

What is your story? Have any conspiracy theory of your own or ideas on which conspiracy theories might be true? Share with us in the comments below or on Facebook.

Source: Reddit

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