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5 Animal Rescue Stories That Will Melt Your Heart. Especially The 4th One

With no shortage of news about animals being harmed or abused, typically by humans, it’s nice to be reminded of the good that – despite popular opinion – does still exist in the world. Proof of this is in these four amazing animal rescue stories of humans and animals alike stepping in to save an animal in need.

1. The Human Chain To the Rescue

Via Rumble

A group of strangers did some quick thinking and banded together to save a distressed dog in an act that might just restore your faith in humanity.

The stray dog somehow got stuck in a spillway full of steady moving water that was threatening to sweep him away at any moment.

Luckily for the frightened pup a passerby climbed down the slippery slope of the spill way to come to his aid.

However, when the Good Samaritan also couldn’t get back up the steep slope, more helping hands stepped in and formed a human chain to pull the dog to safety.

2. The Risky Flood Rescue

Via Youtube

When Western Pennsylvania received enough heavy rainfall to cause flooding, it wasn’t only people that needed to be rescued.

A news crew out covering the flood saw a baby deer getting swept away in the fast flowing water until an unnamed passerby surprised everyone and went in after the scared animal.

Thankfully the daring man was able to carry the deer to safety where a he passed the little fawn to a police officer.

The officer then took the deer to a vet where it will stay until the little cutie is fully recovered and ready for life in the wild again.

3. Enormous Manta Ray Asks Diver For Help

Via Youtube

A group of divers exploring the beautiful waters of Costa Rica got a surprise visit from a giant manta ray.

The distressed manta ray was swimming toward them and approached diver Brian Thompson for help, as it was tangled in a fishing net that the diver noticed was cutting into the poor manta’s flesh.

Thompson immediately cut the net, freeing the manta and to their delight the thankful manta then lingered with the divers briefly before swimming off.

Thompson told reporters, “I felt so strong a love for her and happiness to know that she was free and could enjoy her life again.”

4. Dog’s Best Friend Risks His Own Death

Via Youtube

This is perhaps the most daring and heartwarming animal rescue. The one that didn’t involve humans at all.

On an extremely busy freeway in Santiago Chile, a dog was hit by a car and, a second dog immediately dashed out into oncoming traffic to the injured dog’s aid.

Despite a steady flow of traffic threatening to kill them both, the brave dog proceeded to slowly pull the injured dog to safety. Amazingly, both dogs survived the ordeal.

5. Man Risks Own Life To Save A Drowning Chimp

Via Youtube

In 1990, during a visit to the Detroit Zoo, truck driver Rick Swope did something no one else would do, and tragedy was averted because of it.

As Swope stood looking in on the facility’s ape enclosure, a fight broke out between a chimp named Jo-Jo and another male.

After the brief scuffle, Jo-Jo tried to escape — only to end up falling into a deep moat designed to keep him in.

Since chimps are unable to swim, the move nearly proved fatal.

“Everyone in the whole place was just standing around watching this monkey drown,” Swope told the Deseret News. “When he went down the second time I knew I had to do something.”

Despite being warned to keep away by a zookeeper, Swope sprang into action — climbing a security wall to dive in after Jo-Jo, saving the chimp’s life while putting his own at risk.

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