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Mother Openly Breastfeeds Baby At Her Wedding. Awesome!

Nursing moms are often criticized and shamed for breastfeeding in public, but when bride Christina Torino-Bento heard her baby crying at her own wedding ceremony, she ignored the stigma that could come with it and breastfeeds baby openly on the bench closest to the altar.

breastfeeds baby - buzzedonImage: Lana Nimmons Photography

“I was pretty stressed out thinking about her being so upset,” Torino-Bento told TODAY. “I was happy to take her and I was able to calm her down. I was feeling pretty proud of myself.”

Torino-Bento, who follows attachment parenting principles, exclusively breastfeeds her 9-month-old daughter, Gemma. She was concerned Gemma might become anxious during the ceremony and cry. The baby had missed her morning nap and would be in a crowded, new environment.

When Gemma started crying 15 minutes in, Torino-Bento stopped the ceremony and nursed her. The infant soon fell asleep, and Torino-Bento handed her to a nearby relative and carried on with her nuptials.

“It felt pretty normal, nothing too out of the usual for me, except for I was wearing a 50-pound dress,” Torino-Bento told TODAY. “I was very fortunate I was able to maneuver myself out of it without too much struggle.”

Christina Torino-Bento (with her daughter, Gemma) practices attachment parenting.

breastfeeds baby - buzzedonImage: Lana Nimmons Photography

Donald Trump probably wouldn’t approve, but the Internet greeted Torino-Bento with applause.

She joins other mom role models like Brandi Chantalle, who made headlines as a breastfeeding bride in early 2016.

“That moment when you’re getting married and your baby gets hungry. Feeling SO proud of myself! Fighting that good fight!” Torino-Bento wrote on her Facebook page.


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