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Vivian The Giant Dog Wants To Tell Your Kids Her Story

Just the kind of story your kids would love

The Truth – A few months ago Mitch Boyer started photoshopping images of his Dachshund, Vivian in her “true size”…a giant dog. Mitch thinks Vivian has a larger than life personality and perspective of herself and he wanted to capture and tell the story in pictures.

Genesis – Mitch met Vivian through his sister, whose dog “Gogo,” had a litter of puppies. On the night Gogo had Vivian, Mitch’s mom and dad were up all night delivering the puppies. The next day, Mitch rushed over to the house where he met Vivian and have since been in love with her.

Exodus – Since meeting Vivian, they’ve moved around the US together. They’ve lived in four states, five cities, and 10 different apartments or houses. They’re settled in Brooklyn now and love it there. Meanwhile, Vivian thinks she is just as big as the city they live in, which has inspired the children’s book they’re both working on, “Vivian the Dog Moves to Brooklyn.”

The Story – “Vivian the Dog Moves to Brooklyn,” is a children’s book about a big dog moving to the “big city.” As you’d imagine, she’s pretty disappointed when she arrives in New York City and discovers she is still the only giant dog around. This 32-page-long book will be full of beautiful photo-illustrations created by Mitch and starring Vivian, with some pretty fantastic lettering and drawings by the talented, Valerie Navarro (http://thisisval.com).

In the book,

The Little Girl’s Thoughts – Vivian is a giant dog – over 6 feet tall! She loves the wide open spaces and delicious foods of New Mexico, but most of all, she loves playing with her best friend, “the human.” When Vivian learns she and the human are moving to New York City, aka the “Big City,” she gets very excited because she believes everything will be as big as she is in the “Big City,” and she can’t wait to move!

For more details on the story and to support the book, check out: Vivian’s Story or Kickstarter

Vivian…A giant as she’s imagined herself.

giant dog -daschund-buzzedonMitch Boyer

Loving her new city

giant dog -daschund-buzzedonMitch Boyer

She sure takes up an entire couch

giant dog -daschund-buzzedonMitch Boyer

On the hunt for the next meal

giant dog -daschund-buzzedonMitch Boyer

Enjoying an afternoon stroll

giant dog -daschund-buzzedonMitch Boyer

What’s up Mitch, can we talk?

giant dog -daschund-buzzedonMitch Boyer

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