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Pit Bull Found Roaming About With A 3-Kilogram Chain Around Her Neck

Roxanne a 1-year-old pit bull (pit mix) was found roaming in Columbia, South Carolina. The unaided dog had a 3 Kilogram chain wrapped tightly around her neck. It is unknown how long Roxanne has had the chain around her neck for but her head was crazy swollen from having dragged the chain about.

Pit-Bull-animal-pet-chain-buzzedon-social-news-siteRescue Dog Rock, NYC

Judging by the damage though, we guess-timated the chain would have been around her neck for a little over four months, plus or minus. Roxanne’s neck was opened 95% of the way around.

Roxanne weighed only 23 Kilograms when she was found, which means the chain weighed more than 10 percent of her body weight.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC heard about Roxanne and was shocked and horrified by what the poor dog has been through.

The group immediately agreed to take her on and had her rushed to its SC vet partner while others set up a campaign on YCCC to raise funds for the pit bull.

Pit-Bull-animal-pet-chain-buzzedon-social-news-siteRescue Dogs Rock NYC

The chains had to be cut off of Roxanne (while sedated) with heavy bolt cutters as you can see in the photo above.

She was critical with an exposed artery and edema. As soon as the chain was off, Roxanne was rushed into ER.

pit bull-animal-pet-social news-buzzed-on-buzzedon-viral 3Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

The doctors were worried that she could bleed out at any moment and unsure if she would make it but she’s however managed to pulled through.

pit bull-animal-pet-social news-buzzed-on-buzzedon-viral 4Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Roxanne is on I.V and resting with her head elevated. Thankfully, the edema in her head is slowly going down and her head, getting back to a normal size.

The little girl has surprised everyone with her swift recovery — and how peaceful she’s remained through it all.

pit bull-animal-pet-social news-buzzed-on-buzzedon-viral 5Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Now that the swelling has gone down completely, it’s easier to see that Roxanne has lost some weight. Although she still has a long way to go in terms of recovery. At first, the doctor was a bit worried over the risk of infection but now, he is hopeful for the little girl.

“Roxanne is a FIGHTER & we won’t stop fighting for her and if possible to get justice for her.” Said, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

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