10 Wedding Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Your Big Day.

It’s your big day and you should make it as flawless as possible. Don’t you think?

Wedding mistakes – It’s your big day. You want everything to be perfect, but you’re scared and nervous.

Here is a list of the top ten wedding mistakes to avoid when planning your big day.

Wedding mistakes

1. Decorating by Committee.

A major wedding mistake soon-to-be married couple make is, having too many cooks, which can really spoil the broth when it comes to your wedding. Too many people will breed decisions that will not only confuse you but also make every decision process take forever and there’s a stronger likelihood that everything will erupt into some sort of argument if not fight.

2. Relying on family for money.

Having your family pay for all or part of your wedding will leave you beholding to them. Too often, this turns into a case where you end up having to do what they tell you, even though you hate it. If you can pay for it, please do. If you can’t, try to get them to contribute in some other way and avoid the mistakes others have made over the years.

3. Open shot bar.

This always sounds like a great idea when you are sitting with the banquet manager on a Tuesday, but three hours into a wedding reception, everyone is drunk and getting unpleasant already. If you have alcohol on your list, try a beer and wine bar instead. It’s safer and a lot less expensive.

4. Hiring family.

Hiring your cousin Peter to take pictures or your sister to cook is fraught with danger. A family member will sometimes be too relaxed with your wedding. Instead, hire professionals in each field to handle these for you and I promise, you will get an amazing collection and food for your guests.

5. Fighting on the day-of.

Never fight in the 72 hours before the wedding. Nothing can be more distressing than looking at your soon-to-be spouse and feeling resentment or guilt. If there is a conflict you can’t resolve, contact your pastor or officiant immediately. Let them help you figure it out before it becomes a real problem between and your fiance(e).

6. Spend all your money on the reception.

A bunch of food and dancing is great, but don’t trade your honeymoon to feed family and friends. As part of your wedding budget, save some money for you and your spouse for an after-wedding get-away or something and, not fattening your family and friends.

7. Skip photos.

Everyone should have photos of their wedding. Make sure that there are at least disposable cameras on the tables. Your photos are one of the most important mementos you will have of your big day.

8. Hire a loud band.

This is another one of those things where it can sound great until you find yourself sitting through the fourth hour of having to yell at your aunts and uncles to have a conversation. You don’t need to settle for a string quartet, but don’t hesitate to quiet down the band if you need to.

9. Forget to ask about food allergies.

Be sure to ask everyone about food allergies and let the facility or caterer know. You don’t want the party ruined by someone needing to go the hospital. Trust me, I’ve seen happen and it’s one of the many wedding mistakes that is often overlooked.

10. Stress on your wedding day.

If something is not done on the day of your wedding, there is nothing you can do about it. When you get up in the morning, take a deep breath and realize that these imperfections will become funny stories as long as you take it all in stride.

Congratulations! It’s going to be great. Just remember these few rules to help you avoid any wedding mistakes and everything will go much more smoothly.

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