World’s Shortest Couple Proves Size Doesn’t Matter In Love!

It really shouldn’t matter at all.

Does size really matters when it comes to all-things relationship? Well, the world’s shortest couple, Minor Paulo Gabriel da Silva Barros and Katyucia Hoshino – both a tiny bit under three feet tall doesn’t think so.

The modest pair from Brazil both have a different, yet similar type of condition known as dwarfism.

Paulo, 30, who has Diastrophic Dysplasia (DTD) dwarfism, drives a custom-built automobile and works as a legal secretary.

Meanwhile, Katyucia, 26, who has Achondroplasia dwarfism, is a beautician and owns a beauty parlor that has been particularly adjusted for her size.

world's-shortest-couple-buzzedonPhoto Credit: bTV

Paulo and Katyucia first met on an online networking site around 10 years ago and began talking on MSN Messenger. Paulo said that he began to look at Katyucia in a naively enthusiastic and overoptimistic way the minute he saw her.

Paulo’s height is 34.8 inches (2.9ft) while Katyucia is slightly taller by 0.4 inches at 35.2 inches (2.93ft). Nonetheless, their size has no limitations on their way of life or their affection for one another.

World’s Shortest Couple – A Sweet Public Display Of Affection

world's shortest couple-buzzedonPhoto Credit: bTV

As per their future goals, the couple has decided to let destiny have its way in their lives. For the best, they hope.

Katyucia thinks having a baby might be impossible owing to the size of her uterus which might not support pregnancy. Nonetheless, her main goal is to be happy, regardless. They are hoping to get married someday, have their own house and possibly raise a pack of pet dogs.

Paulo’s aspiration on the other hand, is to run for leadership position in the place where he grew up in Itapeva, Brazil.

This adorable world’s shortest couple are actually hoping to enter the Guinness Book of World Records, for their size. Watch the video below to get the full details of their story.


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